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Facebook's Fake News Epidemic

Pope Francis says this is the article you HAVE to read.

We Can't Make It Here Anymore: A Different Take On American Manufacturing

Let’s dispense with two falsehoods. First, that manufacturing is going save American industry, second, that it's a dead horse.

A Chinese Hoax: Why Ignoring Climate Change Is Bad For Everyone

We need to stop pretending that the discussion around climate change is a discussion.

Trump And Media Bias: You're All Wrong

Obsessing about something won't make it go away. It might make it popular though.

Hug A Useful Idiot

The world that I had convinced myself I was living in revealed itself to be something different.

Stop Campaigning!

Say the word stapler. Say it again. Say it 595 more times. Are you still confident that a stapler is even a real thing?

100 Years From Now: How Will This Election Be Remembered?

You’re sitting in a classroom. It’s 2116. You’re about to learn about the history of the early 21 st century. You’ll learn about America, that once great empire.

Just The Facts- The Case For Clinton

Donald Trump dominates any conversation he is mentioned in. I began this article with his name instead of Hillary Clinton’s.

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