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Rob Porter: Yet Another Example Of Trump Taking The Wrong Side

The White House has reliable reports from the FBI about Rob Porter’s history of domestic assault as early as May of last year. Everyone knew, including Trump.

'Olympic Athletes From Russia' Reeks Of Toothless Punishment

The farce at this Olympics proves what the international community already knows: there are no consequences for Russia.

Free Speech Hysteria: What Really Happened At Kenyon College

A viral Weekly Standard story about left-wing censorship, 'Whiteness Groups,' and the death of free speech on campus this week was spurious and out of context.

Florida, Please Stop Arresting Your Children

A 7-year-old was arrested for assaulting his teacher at the end of last month. The statistics reveal that this type of arrest is hardly an isolated incident in Florida.

The Undeserved Congratulations Over Trump's State Of The Union

While not surprising, the hype from Trump's State Of The Union address was completely out of line with reality.

Volkswagen-Led Study Gassed Monkeys To Test Emissions

Volkswagen, after being found guilty of fraud decided the best thing to do would be to fund the gassing of people and monkeys to see if emissions were as bad as they are cracked up to be.

Patrick Brown: What The GOP Can Learn From Ontario Conservatives

After Roy Moore nearly won the Alabama Senate race amidst disturbing sexual assault allegations, it's refreshing to see a political party take such a different approach.

Amazon Go: Automation Isn't The Problem, Corporate Greed Is

The problem with the Amazon Go model isn't that there will be fewer jobs, but that there will be more bad jobs.

Tide Pods: Calm Down, It's Hardly An Epidemic

Eating tide pods is ALMOST as stupid as the overblown controversy that the phenomenon has generated.

Bitcoin Plunge: Not New, But We Should Ask Ourselves A Few Things

Volatility is synonymous with the cryptocurrency market, but as Tuesday's market plunge pointed out, there are a lot of unanswered questions about the future of crypto.