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If You Hate Faith Goldy's Views, No-Platforming Won't Make Them Go Away

Faith Goldy's talk was derailed at Wilfrid Laurier this week after protesters pulled a fire alarm to get the event canceled. This kind of thing does more harm than good to open debate.

The Many Ways The Trumps Have Used The Presidency For Profit

From selling Trump Wine in a National Park's gift shop to frequent taxpayer-footed trips to Trump properties, the president and his family are raking it in.

Muslim Minority Increasingly Targets Of Violence In Sri Lanka

A riot in the central district of Kandy has put Sri Lanka into a state of emergency. Sadly, this is only one of several incidents of the Sinhalese majority targeting Muslims in the country.

Bump Stock Ban: Trump Takes A Step In The Right Direction

Don't let partisan politics get in the way of what is otherwise a sensible move from the president.

Oscars Have Become The Political Pandering Olympics

The only thing worse than the incessant diversity-baiting of the Oscars itself are the legions of opportunistic social critics monetizing their complaints about the ceremony's insufficient 'wokeness'.

Ted Cruz Is The Perfect Example Of Blind Party Loyalty

During the election, Ted Cruz had many choice words for then-candidate Donald Trump. Now that he needs the votes, his "principles" have all but evaporated.

What Does Rick Gates' Guilty Plea Mean For The Russia Investigation?

No one knows the full impact of Rick Gates' guilty plea, one thing is clear - the Russia investigation just got one step closer to Paul Manafort.

LaPierre's Complete NRA Nonsense On Gun Control

According to the president, it makes more sense to arm teachers and prepare them for the foregone conclusion of a school shooting than to try to eliminate the causes that contribute to school shootings in the first place.

Campaign Against Judge Persky Bigger Than One Decision

The campaign against Persky is about more than just Brock Turner, whose lenient sentencing didn't occur in a vacuum.

'Harvest Box' Proves Welfare Queen Myth Is Alive And Well

In an unsurprising move, Trump and Republicans are using old myths to peddle a food stamp alternative that is neither cheaper or healthier.