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The Misguided Race To Condemn Jason Bateman

Many of the publications that were so quick to criticize Bateman lauded Arrested Development’s decision to keep Jeffrey Tambor onboard.

Why Trump Is Right About Media Bias, But Wrong About 'Fake News'

The president routinely conflates negative news and fake news. Trump is right that the media has a bias but wrong about how that bias affects the accuracy of their reporting.

Hypocrisy: Hollywood Elitists Should Shut Up, But Kanye Is A Free Thinker

It’s the moralizing, the high, high horse that conservatives trot out against the supposed elite that really gets my goat. If Mark Ruffalo has to shut up, then so does Kanye.

Why Patrick Brown Shouldn't Be Suing CTV

Patrick Brown’s suit is the kind of cry-baby entitlement endemic to the outgoing generation of men in politics. If he wasn’t up for the scrutiny, he should have stayed in the private sector.

Left-Wing Christmas: Alex Jones And Sean Hannity Called Out In The Same Week

Both the Alex Jones lawsuit and Sean Hannity's recent scandal involving Michael Cohen are a victory for responsible journalism.

Irony: Comey's 'A Higher Loyalty' Feels Like Just Another Tell-All For Profit

If Comey wanted to play white knight he could have been political; he could have launched initiatives and been vocal from the start; he could have given that interview and not sold books right after.

Trump Isn't Wrong About China And Trade, But His Methods Won't Work

This attempt to drive a hard bargain is ham-fisted and won't yield the change to trade with China that Trump promised his supporters.

YouTube Shooting: State Gun Laws May Have Saved Lives

California's gun laws performed exactly as they were intended to, with the ban on high-capacity assault rifles being key to the no fatalities in the YouTube shooting.

March For Our Lives: The Gun Control Perspective

I contend that reasonable people can agree that gun violence is a problem, that mass shootings are the most difficult aspect of that problem to justify, and that common-sense solutions are within reach.

Quebec's High-Sugar Alcohol Crackdown Feels Good, But Does Little

The death of Quebec teen Athena Gervais is certainly a tragedy, but empty legislation on high-sugar alcoholic beverages won't do anything.