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Bailey T. Steen is an Australian journalist, editor and film critic. Bailey’s career started as a weekly film columnist for the Melbourne based site Janks Reviews. Growing tired of emerging extremists on the political left and right, his work was soon published on the political outlet Newslogue, writing to an audience of ten thousand. Bailey covers world politics, political extremism, and new media issues for TrigTent. 

Published Content

Laid-Off Carrier Workers: “I Wish I Voted For Sanders”

Not only did Trump save far fewer Carrier jobs than he originally bragged about, but Carrier is using their Trump tax savings to invest in factory automation.

New Sex App Creates Legally Binding Contracts To Give Consent

Did #MeToo turn 50 Shades of Grey into a legal textbook?

Girther Movement: How Media Failed Covering Trump’s Health

When it comes to journalistic integrity on fearmongering about the health of Donald Trump, consistency is a hard thing to find.

Democrats Help GOP In Vote To Give NSA More Spying Powers

The so-called "Resistance" isn't pushing back too hard on the NSA reading your private communications without a warrant.

Far Right Snowflakes Try To 'Arrest' Sadiq Khan For Criticizing Trump

During a speech last wee, members of the EDL tried to carry out a 'citizen's arrest' of London Mayor Sadiq Khan for, among other things, his views on Trump.

Chelsea Manning Announces Already Problematic Senate Bid

Chelsea Manning wants to fight for free speech and protect whistleblowers. As long as she agrees with you.

Scottish Comedian STILL On Trial For Teaching Girlfriend’s Pug The Nazi Salute

Though the joke was certainly offensive, Meechan's trial over a Nazi joke has lasted longer than the Nuremberg trials after World War II.

Irony Alert: Racist Daily Stormer Co-Editor Of Jewish Descent

The Daily Stormer, the American “news site” for neo-Nazis and white supremacists, now has their own “Jewish problem.”

Why Did So Many People Believe The President Watches A Gorilla Channel?

It’s concerning that Trump’s resistance is so bad at their only job that they give legitimacy to the president’s narrative of “Fake News.”

Fired And Furious: Steve Bannon Forced Out Of Breitbart News

Once described as "the man who, more than anyone, holds Trump's ear," Steve Bannon is now not only out of the White House, he's out of Breitbart too.