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Conservative SCOTUS Surprisingly Sides With Planned Parenthood

The U.S. Supreme court refused to hear two cases regarding the ability of states to ban Medicaid reimbursements to the organization.

Chipotle Employee Fired After Falsely Accused of Racism in Viral Video

After a video surfaced of a manager asking a group of black men to pre-pay for their food, everyone immediately assumed it HAD to be because the manager was racist.

Today Ireland May Finally Repeal its Ridiculous Blasphemy Law

Repealing the rarely enforced blasphemy law may seem minor, but it's a move that cuts off the last vestiges of Ireland’s past as a Catholic-controlled country.

Canada Legalizes Cannabis, Announces Plan to Pardon Those Convicted of Possession

It's a historic day for Canada, but perhaps even more interesting is whether it will convince other countries to follow in its footsteps.

Videos Surface of Proud Boys Attacking Antifa Protesters in NYC

Footage of the riot shows that members of the right-wing group assaulted and shouted homophobic slurs at protesters after the event.

There is now a Small Jewish Contingent in the Populist 'Alternative for Germany' Party

The "Jews in the AfD" are willing to overlook the organization's anti-semitic ties in part because of their mutual distrust of Muslim immigrants.

Amazon Scraps AI Recruiting Tool for Discriminating Against Women

Amazon tried to build an AI tool for recruiting, but after it showed bias against women, it had to be scrapped.

Abortion Services to be Cost-Free in Ireland Starting in 2019

While the United States moves backward on abortion legislation, the cultural tide is shifting in countries like Ireland.

Bill Cosby Sentenced to 3 to 10 Years in State Prison

After almost three years, the Bill Cosby sexual assault trial is finally over.