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Adam Casalino is freelance copywriter, cartoonist, and graphic designer based out of Florida. For several years, he has written about current events and politics for a variety of online outlets. He has produced articles, blogs, and opinion pieces for such sites as Patriot Journal, Mad World News, and My Right America. Adam covers US politics and culture war news for TrigTent.

Published Content

Vegans: Keep Your Opinions To Yourselves

Veganism is by and large a first world luxury, like organic eating or driving electric cars. It’s nice. It makes you feel better about yourself. But it is largely impractical throughout the world.

Survey: Americans Support The First Amendment, There's Just One Problem...

According to the Freedom Forum Institute, Americans overwhelmingly support the first amendment - they just can't name what it actually protects.

Pollster Claims Women's March, #MeToo Will Greatly Influence U.S. Midterms

In an interview for Hill TV, pollster Nancy Zdunkewicz opined that #MeToo and the Women's March were signs of an upcoming Blue Wave.

After Weeks Of Virtue-Signaling, Starbucks Takes Jobs From Urban Areas

It's understandable that Starbucks needs to think of its bottom line and save money. But the optics here aren't great.

Jon Stewart Urges Democrats to "Beat" Trump With Ideas-- There's Just One Problem

Democrats are still fantasizing over the idea of unfairly impeaching Donald Trump.

Why Trump Pardons Are Nothing Out Of The Ordinary For A President

Considering the pardons Clinton gave out, Trump is being incredibly reserved.

White Professor Flips out Over Kids in a Restaurant. Because They're White

A college professor lashed out because his Harlem restaurant was being infiltrated by kids. White kids.

Starbucks Employees Criticize 'Racial Bias' Training Day

Although many praised the coffee company for its racial bias training, some of Starbucks' employees were not so impressed.

Evergreen State Cutting Faculty Amidst Dropping Enrollment Rates

A year after the infamous meltdown at Evergreen State University over backlash to the changes to it's "Day of Absence" protest, the school's financial situation is looking dire.

On Heels Of 'Roseanne' Success, Fox Revives 'Last Man Standing'

After ABC found success with its Roseanne reboot, Fox is similarly trying to appeal to conservatives with Last Man Standing.