Bitcoin Bounce: An Uncertain Cryptocurrency Future?

Bitcoin has been embraced by some as a truly deregulated currency, but there is a case to be made that it's still backed by the very real costs of energy. 

The Ideology Clash of Trump And Trudeau Has Begun

We could be seeing the initial fraying in what could become an openly antagonistic relationship between Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump.

Behind Enemy Lines: 20,000 Jihadists Reside in the U.K.


Anybody who has radical sympathies does not belong in the West, just as those who present a real and present danger do not belong in the West.

ISIS Attack On Iran Complicates U.S. Position In Middle East

Trump's mission to destroy ISIS has become further complicated this week as Shiite Iran now has a greater incentive to stay militarily involved in Syria.

May Will Likely Win Election, Despite A Bad Campaign

Given the seismic shifts in national character and external threats, the political future of the UK is anything but certain.

Arab Nations Cut Ties With Qatar For 'Support Of Terror'

Seven Arab nations have cut ties with Qatar, leading many Americans to wonder whether this is a Saudi Arabian power play in the region, or an attempt to look tough on terror. 

Should Churches Have To Pay Taxes?

These leaders and institutions don’t play by the same rules as everyone else. Help the communities without an agenda, and cough up the same amount of money in taxes as the rest of the population

Ontario Government Announces $15/Hour Minimum Wage By 2019

Announcing legislation without a proper impact-benefit analysis seems a bit hasty, it appears that Wynne is trying to figure out the best ways to get people to like her again.

Trump's Paris Climate Plans Will Hurt Everyone

Much of the upcoming damage from global warming is inevitable, and pretending there’s not a problem will lead to real deaths and job losses thirty years from now.

Trump To Stick To His Word On Paris Climate Accord

The agreement was one which neither the American people nor legislators had a say in, but undoing the ill effects of one man’s wanton consent in Paris will not be quick nor painless.