Personal Responsibility in the Age of Terrorism

  • Adam Casalino
  • Apr 11, 2017 10:43AM
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The people of the world need tp take ownership of their societies, put aside deeply-rooted fears and worries, and prove to our enemies that we will not be taken hostage by terror.

Tillerson Says Syria Policy Unchanged, Despite Action

As with many things related to Donald Trump, seeking clarity is difficult.

The Right Has Been Quick To Abandon Trump Over Syria

When the rest of the world is suffering because of Syria's war, a response is inevitable.

Why Did Trump Reverse His Policy On Syria?

The response to horrific crimes is too vital to be dictated by one president’s vanity.

Measles Outbreak In Europe Linked To Low Vaccination Rates

People are dying from completely preventable diseases, and yet there’s a movement dedicated to fighting the very medication that can stop them.

Video Offers $1,000 for Hate Speech In Student Prayers

Johnston is offering his own money to any person who can record hate speech during the Jumu’ah prayers occurring in PDSB classrooms.

Gibraltar May be the First Brexit Casualty

It’s been 300 years, and people are still sore over the rock of Gibraltar.

Pride T.O. Might Lose City Funding Over Police Ban

A motion has been put forward to have Pride Toronto denied city funding as a result of their decision to exclude Toronto Police from this year’s festivities.

School Board Meeting On Muslim Prayers Gets Ugly

Islamophobia should have no place in society, but religion should have no place in public schools.

Power Shuffle In Israeli-Syrian Conflict

While it is unclear how this conflict will play out, one thing is certain- Moscow and Tehran are now calling more of the shots in the Middle East than ever before.