Trump Tries To Foot South Korea With Defense Bills

If other nations fear an exorbitant bill and trade bluster with the US, they may be more open to offers of military assistance and trade deals from Russia or China.

Trump Takes First Steps In A Trade War With Canada

Trump is desperately trying to prove he can do something as president, even if it’s starting a trade war with our closest ally.

The French Election Is Looking Like 2016

Just like between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the United States, Macron and Le Pen have sharply diverging views on almost all issues, especially border security and military strength.

Should We Learn To Accept Terrorism As Normal?

  • Adam Casalino
  • Apr 24, 2017 10:37AM
  • 1 Comment

I don't want to say people who think like this are cowards, but that's the best word I have to describe them.

Is Unstable Venezuela A Third Conflict For The U.S.?

Is Venezuela taking the opportunity to seize U.S.-owned property because it feels that we have our hands full with Syria and North Korea?

Failure of the $100B Green Climate Fund is Unsurprising

The premise of the GCF goes against logic. It also goes against what we know about the leadership in most of these countries.

Canada Unveils New Plans to Legalize Marijuana

. Bill C-45, once passed, would allow adults 18 years and older to legally buy, possess, and cultivate cannabis.

Is America Taking On Too Many Military Conflicts?

Needed change, reform, and improvements will be denied as America commits to fighting enemies spread out across the globe.

Cadbury Criticized For Renaming Easter Egg Hunt

Unless you are going to Church on Easter Sunday, the rest of the traditions surrounding the festival have about as much to do with Jesus and Christianity as Santa Claus does to his birth.

The Horrifying Persecution Of Gays In Chechnya

This is a state which condones the persecution of homosexuals, it condones their internment, their torture, their mutilation and their murder.