Melbourne Tries Female Crosswalks To "Reduce Bias"

Crosswalks are there to give signals to pedestrians to cross streets, not to applaud your political convictions.

Rebels in Powdered Wigs: The Unlikely Brexit Opposition

This is the level of surrealism that has been attained: the Archbishop of Canterbury is among those who are being lambasted as rogue elements in the UK government.

Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau Makes Women's Day About Men

Critics are pointing her social media post completely undermines the whole idea of International Women’s Day.

Referendum: Brexit's Effect On Scotland And Northern Ireland

if Theresa May can’t find a way to make Scotland and Northern Ireland feel like their voices are heard, there may hardly be a Britain to go back to once Brexit is over.

The Trouble In Sweden Is Not Going Away

As of right now, the Swedish government does not appear to want to change the ongoing problem.

Bill C-23 Would Let U.S. Detain Canadians On Their Own Soil

Before Trump’s election this bill was slated to pass without incident in an early session of parliament, now it has become a poster issue for Canadian sovereignty in the face of what many see as racist U.S. foreign policy.

Rinkeby: How Riots In Sweden Were Stripped Of Their Context

  • Lou DiGaetano
  • Feb 26, 2017 11:02AM
  • 1 Comment

It is perhaps not a post-fact world that we should fear, but a post-context world.

Journalists Murdered Mid-Broadcast In The Dominican

Freedom of the press is essential, and we can only hope that the police follow through with a full investigation.

Journalistic Meth Fire: Teacher Suspended For Doing Their Job

What’s really ground my gear about the whole story is that it’s making me sympathize with the people who say the media is completely untrustworthy.

The Politics Of Potter: Will J.K. Rowling Take In Refugees?

Maybe Rowling isn't a virtue signaling SJW. Maybe she really does care about those refugees from Syria, so much so that she'll let them stay in her mansions forever.