Religious Violence At Temple Mount Over Metal Detectors

The conflict has garnered international tension due to injuries and deaths involving protesters and Israeli police.  

Trump Is Strengthening The US Military Across The Board

President Trump has taken significant steps to empower the military, whether in the South China Sea or the ongoing fight against ISIS.  

Brazil Attempts Crackdown On Massive Corruption

It seems as if Brazil has finally gotten serious about exposing corruption amongst its political elite, extending but not limited to the office of the president.

Mauritania Tries To Stabilize Borders In N. African Crisis

The Mauritanian Ministry of Defence aims at halting kidnapping, smuggling, and terrorist operations affecting the stability of its borders.

Poll: Only 30% Of Americans Trust Their Government

A healthy distrust of government is an American tradition, but it seems there are many other countries don't share this spirit. 

Canada Ranks Near Bottom On Healthcare Study

  • Catherine Brossard
  • Jul 21, 2017 12:22PM

Canada often comes up in discussions about Universal Healthcare, but it seems we're still a ways away from earning our flattering reputation.

How ISIS Uses Geopolitical Rivalry To Sow Chaos

ISIS has embraced a clever strategy that works to push existing rival nations and factions closer to potential conflict.

Omar Khadr: A Complex Narrative

Reasonable people can (and likely will) disagree that this settlement is justified, but no two ways about it: Omar Khadr went through hell.

Tax Dollars For Terrorists: The Omar Khadr Case

The idea that Canadians owe Omar Khadr anything, let alone an apology and a $10 million settlement, is a travesty.

'White Guilt' Is Making Sweden's Migrant Crisis Worse

The politics of political correctness are preventing Swedes from having honest discussions about assimilation, western values, and why migrant issues aren't going away.