Trump: Are Character Flaws Necessarily Leadership Flaws?

Let’s not pretend he’s Reagan. Let’s be honest with ourselves about the fallibility of even the men we depend on the most.

Can Trump Stop Radical Islamic Terror at the Source?

We can wipe out ISIS, cripple the Taliban, and erase Al Qaeda from existence. But terrorism will still exist. Because you can't kill an idea.

DeVos' School Choice Speech Couldn't Come At A Worse Time

Trump’s most controversial appointee is being trotted out on Monday to deliver a speech supporting the most controversial mainstream initiative the GOP has cooked up in recent memory.

New Revelations Fuel Both Sides in Trump-Russia Controversy

The core question is whether Michael Flynn was the conduit for Trump’s true wishes or a rogue underling who knowingly engaged in questionable contact with Russia without the President’s approval.

Trump: 'No Politician In History' Has Been Treated More Unfairly

It will be hard for Trump’s supporters to keep mocking liberal “snowflakes” when their own leader is having meltdowns left and right. 

The Left’s Conveniently Shifting Stance on Foreign Intervention

When it comes to maintaining political views that fall in line with deeper, uncompromising principles, many on the left have thrown consistency to the wind.

Trump Shares Classified Intel With Russia

Trump routinely blasted Hillary Clinton for mishandling intelligence during the presidential campaign, but this latest incident shows he may be no better.

Will Trump Ever Make Up His Mind About Trade?

Trump talks a big game on NAFTA and trade with China but he continues to pass off inaction as achievement.

Why Are California's Priorities So Messed Up?

California cares more about empty headed liberalism than helping its people.

DAPL Already Leaking Before Construction Is Finished

The $3.8 billion oil pipeline, which sparked controversial protests throughout last year, spilled 84 gallons of crude oil at a South Dakota pump station, according to government regulators.