What Is Good? Why Awards Shows Are Bullshit

Don’t wait to be told by groups of hyper-wealthy sycophants what “good” is, and for the love of God don’t watch the shows that systematize it.

Will Sanctuary Cities Shake Up Congress in 2018?

It’s gonna be ugly, folks, and incumbents of both parties could be voted out of office in record numbers over it.

Modern Segregation: Apparently, It's Cool to Hate

Acts of segregation- for any reason- will only ignite new fires of racism and hate. They will not solve any problems or help bridge gaps in our country.

Military Operation: Trump’s Slip of the Tongue Should Worry Us

When the military is doing 75 percent of federal law enforcement and constantly patrolling both borders, will we still call Donald Trump “president”…or something else?

"He Will Not Divide Us": Let's Appreciate The Irony

Shia's own behavior shows he is intolerant of anyone that doesn't agree with him. By his very own actions, Shia is dividing people.

Dean Complicates DNC Chair Race With Buttigieg Nomination

It would seem that Dean would be backing Perez for DNC chair, but he is instead arguing that Democrats find a leader from “outside the Beltway.”

Too Old for this Sh*t: A First-Hand View of Modern College

I hope that the fragile freshmen and shatterable sophomores brought their earmuffs because I intend to trigger the living hell out of them for the rest of my time on campus.

Where Are The Facts? The Left Needs To Grow Up

  • Adam Casalino
  • Feb 18, 2017 10:17AM
  • 1 Comment

They have rejected facts, evidence, and plain common sense to promote their campaign against our President and regular Americans.

A Day Without A Woman Brings Much Needed Awareness

Next time you hear that women enjoy every equality, that all of this affirmative action squawking is just laziness or a mask for a hidden liberal agenda, think about the fact that my mother still doesn’t get paid as much as her male counterparts.

Stephen Miller Tells Us to Stop Questioning the President

We need to shove facts, science, and logic into the faces of these pathological liars.