Is The Honeymoon Phase Of Trumponomics Over?

​That’s right – socialized medicine is the financial success story of the day.

Not About Choice? What Is Feminism, Really?

As long as there are dumb people who get fired up over a made-up cause, we will continue to see progressives force their tired, illogical, and socially irresponsible rhetoric down our throats.

ACA Is "Law Of The Land" For Foreseeable Future

Trump had the best playing field any president could hope for, and he flubbed the play.

The Ironic Truth: It’s the Left Who is Anti-Science

It is an unfounded, fluid “scientific” theory that most haunts them when they lay their head down on the pillow.

More Reasons Not To Trust The Media

Anyone with basic common sense can point out the times the media twists facts, distorts reality, or omits information, simply to promote a certain narrative.

Faught: If You get Raped, It's The Will Of God

It’s deplorable that Faught implies rape and incest should just be accepted because they happened in the Bible.

Freedom Of Speech: Where Do We Draw The Line?

  • Adam Casalino
  • Mar 23, 2017 12:33PM
  • 1 Comment

The struggle between freedom and limitations might go on forever. And perhaps that's the way it should be.

Should The GOP Trade ACA Repeal For Gorsuch?

A bit of political wheeling and dealing could benefit both parties at this critical juncture.

Gorsuch Is The Perfect Replacement For Justice Scalia

Neil Gorsuch is qualified, measured in his approach, and is above political influence as much as a justice can prove to be.

Social Justice Warriors Want You Fat and Ugly

It's remarkable how liberals want others to shoulder responsibility for society's problems, yet they are mysteriously unwilling to include themselves.