California Is Emblematic Of Americans' Inability To Save

Findings in the 2017 Prosperity Now ‘On Track or Left Behind’ report show that California is largely comprised of families living paycheck-to-paycheck, saving little to nothing as a result.

Trump: No More Transgender Military Recruits

The military is dealing with real problems, problems that dwarf your social justice bickering.

Democrats 'Better Deal' Proves They Learned Nothing In 2016

The tone-deafness of this whole new “Better Deal,” a title which some have envisioned on the side of a Papa John’s box, is truly astounding.

What Was Trump Thinking At The Boy Scouts Jamboree?

Trump's unnecessary politicking are a sign that even our most cherished institutions can't remain good natured and nonpartisan. 

GOP Healthcare: Here We Go Again

The GOP is stuck; leaving Obamacare would prove it’s not nearly as bad as they pretend it is but repealing it means that, no matter how they try to spin it, Republicans will own the fallout.

Scaramucci Is The Calm, Cool Communicator Spicer Never Was

President Trump has proven that, for better or worse, his appointments do not fall in line with political tradition. Hopefully, his choice of Scaramucci will pay off.

Arkansas Abortion Bill Puts Crazy Requirements On Women

Bill 1566 is just one of the slew of fetal burial bills that are aimed at making abortion inaccessible to women. 

Kushner Testimony: Collusion Narrative Takes Another Hit

Ultimately, belief in Kushner’s accounts will depend upon one’s preconceived notions about the man, but this statement provides a detailed account that leaves little room for speculation or parsing.

Kushner Testimony: Incompetence Is Not An Excuse

There are two possible explanations for Kushner's behavior, neither of which should give the American people confidence about his role in the White House.

Why Trump's Relationship With Sessions Is Falling Apart

Trump's decision to publicly air grievances over Attorney General Jeff Sessions' recusal in the Russian case has noticeably strained their working relationship.