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The "Irish Slave Memes" Are A Historical Distortion

Irish slave memes are used to promote a narrative that contemporary black Americans are somehow exploiting the system by being justifiably upset about slavery and the terrible legacy it has left in America.

GOP Bill Would Allow Employers To Genetically Test You

Anyone with genetic predispositions to diseases or conditions could find themselves pushed out of jobs, even jobs for which their conditions would be no imposition.

Shhh! A Few of the Things the Media Isn't Telling You

Why allow yourself to be duped by the speculations and distortions of media that have given up their role in our society?

WikiLeaks Reveals 2017 Is The New 1984

While the dystopian novel depicted government surveillance as constantly visible, the reality may be that omnipresent surveillance and control is practically invisible.

Vault 7: It's So Much Worse Than We Thought

The CIA has developed incredibly sophisticated tools to hack, steal, and take over almost every major device on the market.

Guess What? Obama Was The Real Fascist

You can squawk all you want about Trump being the next Hitler or fascist or enemy of the people. But when you get down to the facts we already had our Dictator in Chief.

Your Daily Dose Of Fake News, Or: Let's Learn To Be Critical

As we wade into the storm of fake news, sensational headlines, and knee-jerk reporting, we must always arm ourselves with common sense and critical thinking.

Context Matters: In Defense of PewDiePie and Yiannopoulos

Let’s get one thing clear straight out of the gate: no, I do not support Nazis,...

"Weaponized Text" Do You Trust the Media?

We need to be honest with ourselves when we realize we are believing hype and hysteria, not truth.

A Day Without Women: What Is The Point?

They want us to believe that women in America are still second-class citizens, who do not get the rights or recognition they deserve. This, despite the fact that some of the most successful people in this nation are women.