Conspiracy News

Anti-Vaccine Activist to Lead Immunization Safety Committee

I can only imagine the losses that will be felt by families who lose children to vaccine-preventable diseases.

Spitgate: The War Against Police Takes a Weird Turn

Spitting in a cop's coffee? Well, that will surely end decades of systematic oppression of black Americans!

This Is How You Win: Embracing Change in the New Normal

The future belongs to the outsiders, the ones bold enough to make a difference and ruffle feathers.

Ho, Ho, Hoax? What's the Deal With all the Fake Hate Crimes?

Despite what the media might say, Donald Trump supporters (also known as half the population) are not hateful, racist, xenophobes.

Goodwill Toward None? Why Is There A War on Christmas?

Like it or not, Western society- and by and large American society- was built on Christian values and principles.

The Fake War On Christmas Is Finally Over

When Bill O’Reilly and the president-elect say that the war on Christmas has been won, take a minute to reflect on how little that really means.

Double Standard: How the Left Contradicts Themselves

Maybe they'll learn before it's too late. Maybe they'll learn to use facts and decency to get their point across.

I Can See Russia From My Inbox! Malicious Hack Or Careless Leak?

A basic understanding of security would have prevented Podesta's emails from landing in the hands of the most notorious whistleblowers of the 21st Century. 

We Need To Talk About Pizzagate: Fake Stories, Real Consequences

When a guy who runs a Ping Pong themed pizzeria comes face to face with an AR-15 over something someone wrote as clickbait , I can’t believe that the current set-up is working.

The US Will Collapse, Says Futurist Who Predicted Fall of USSR

Johan Galtung claims that the United States as a global superpower will fall into fascism and eventually collapse under the leadership of Donald Trump.