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Live Confirmation Hearing Briefing: What to Watch: Will Democrats Be More Aggressive With Neil Gorsuch?

Wed, 03/22/2017 - 05:00
Democratic senators were frustrated in the first round of confirmation hearings for Judge Gorsuch, who offered little insight on his personal thoughts on contentious legal matters.

U.S. General Urges Nuclear Upgrade as Russia Grows ‘More Aggressive’

Wed, 03/22/2017 - 05:00
Lt. Gen. Jack Weinstein of the Air Force said the United States’ nuclear policy toward Russia “has got to be some behavior that gets them to the table.”

Wishful Thinking: Why Objectively False Things Continue to Be Believed

Wed, 03/22/2017 - 03:30
Partisan polarization has come to affect the way that people consume and understand information.

‘I’ll Criticize Judges,’ Trump Says, Hours After a Scolding for Doing Just That

Tue, 03/21/2017 - 23:16
President Trump was at it again Tuesday night at a fund-raising dinner, calling out a federal court judge in Hawaii who placed a stay on his second travel ban.

U.S. Military Investigating Reports of Civilian Deaths in Syria Airstrike

Tue, 03/21/2017 - 21:49
Military officials say the airstrike targeted Qaeda operatives, but activists and residents have said the site was part of a religious complex where 49 civilians were killed.

Gorsuch Says He’d Rule Against Trump if Law Required It

Tue, 03/21/2017 - 21:15
The Supreme Court nominee also repeated his earlier private criticism of the president’s attacks on judges who rule against him.

Spicer Says Case of Undocumented Student Accused of Rape Shows Need for Crackdown

Tue, 03/21/2017 - 21:03
An episode at a suburban Washington high school becomes an issue in the debate over illegal immigration.

White House Memo: Why Letting Go, for Trump, Is No Small or Simple Task

Tue, 03/21/2017 - 20:56
In clinging to wiretap claims, the president draws on his history as a pugnacious fighter, with a need to prove his legitimacy and a deep sensitivity to perception.

Fact Check: Democrats’ Critiques of the Republican Health Bill

Tue, 03/21/2017 - 20:43
Claims haven’t always matched reality in attacks on the Affordable Care Act, and Democrats are spinning the facts in critiques of its replacement.

After Failed Cabinet Bid, Puzder Leaves Restaurant Post

Tue, 03/21/2017 - 20:15
Andrew F. Puzder, who withdrew his nomination as labor secretary, has now resigned as head of the company that owns the Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s chains.

Medicaid Fight Lands in New York, Crossing Party Lines

Tue, 03/21/2017 - 19:31
An amendment to the massive and divisive health care overhaul, singling out New York’s state government to assume certain Medicaid costs, set off a political firestorm.

Where Does Gorsuch Stand on Torture? It’s Hard to Say

Tue, 03/21/2017 - 19:30
Senate Democrats grilled Judge Neil M. Gorsuch about torture and presidential power, and the exchanges revived an unresolved dispute from George W. Bush’s presidency.

A Test for Tillerson, and for U.S. Strategy on ISIS

Tue, 03/21/2017 - 19:23
The new secretary of state has not demonstrated much sway over the president or U.S. foreign policy. Will a conclave of world leaders on Wednesday change that?

Trump Lays Plans to Reverse Obama’s Climate Change Legacy

Tue, 03/21/2017 - 18:28
The White House is preparing to dismantle major policy actions of the Obama era, including a plan to close hundreds of heavily polluting power plants.

Warnings of a ‘Powder Keg’ in Libya as ISIS Regroups

Tue, 03/21/2017 - 16:56
Punishing strikes in December and January hurt the terrorist group, but it is exploiting the chaos and political vacuum gripping the country, American and allied officials say.

The F.B.I. Is Scrutinizing Trump’s Russia Ties. How Will That Work?

Tue, 03/21/2017 - 16:19
What is a counterintelligence investigation? Are charges often brought? Here’s a look at a few questions raised by the F.B.I. director’s testimony.

What Travelers Should Know About New Restrictions on Devices

Tue, 03/21/2017 - 15:10
Who is affected by the flight restriction, and what should you do?

On the Runway: Theresa May Strikes a Pose

Tue, 03/21/2017 - 13:09
When she appeared in a glossy shoot in American Vogue, the first British prime minister to do so, her clothes spoke volumes.

Public Health: Fewer Americans Would Be Insured With G.O.P. Plan Than With Simple Repeal

Tue, 03/21/2017 - 12:05
The Republicans’ repeal plan of Obamacare would actually result in one million more people being uninsured, according to the C.B.O.

Trump Warns House Republicans: Repeal Health Law or Lose Your Seats

Tue, 03/21/2017 - 11:43
Mr. Trump’s warning, delivered in a closed-door meeting, came as House leaders were trying to pin down a majority to pass their repeal legislation.